The first Swedish NFT platform is live!

The Swedish art platform Artely has for a long time filled many art buyers’ need to be able to buy Swedish art online, and have it delivered directly to their door. Next in line in the company’s investments is to launch the first NFT platform for artists in Sweden and present curated NFT collections with NFTs that maintain a high artistic level.
Artely collaborates with established Swedish artists and sells original art in the higher price range up to SEK 100,000.
– A lot of people are talking about NFT right now and we, like many others, see that it will be the future of art. We are still at the beginning of this revolution in the art market, where many questions remain about how exactly it will develop and change – but what we see happening is that it is moving very fast. Therefore, we have built this vertical and we are helping to shape the NFT market for art, says Aleksandra Antonov, one of the founders of Artely.
– We strongly believe that the market for NFT art will in the long run be larger than the physical, traditional art market, adds Alexander Antonov, the other founder of Artely.
They further emphasize that, as in everything else they have done before, high-level art will always be at the center of them, which gives a security and guarantee that there is a serious person behind the NFT collections that are released on Artely.
– Our goal and vision has always been to be at the forefront and show the way for how to develop the Swedish art market – which is basically a fairly sluggish and traditional industry. It is about creating new opportunities for both artists and collectors, and in the long run also about improving the artists’ conditions, says Alexander Antonov.

They believe that many in the traditional art industry, who in many ways can be considered conservative, seem to see a contradiction in the fact that digital and technological development can be crucial in bringing out the important role of art in society. The voices that are sometimes raised from the traditional art world are that the experience of works online is limited and that you can not take part in art in a good way if it happens online. The founders of Artely do not agree.
– We welcome and strongly push the change that both digitalization and new technologies create for art – that art, just like everything else, to a greater extent moves online, is a fact and nothing that can or should be stopped. We who work with art have a responsibility and obligation to follow the development that takes place and ensure that art both finds and takes its place in the virtual world, says Aleksandra Antonov.
They also point out that you casually call everything NFT art and that you can not put everything in one bowl.

– Much of what we see today in the NFT sphere that has gained enormous popularity is rather different types of collector’s images than art. And here we see that we play an important role by safeguarding and ensuring that art is also shown that depicts and comments on society, raises questions, challenges our ideas and opinions, or contributes to positive change, says Aleksandra Antonov.
Artely’s Ethereum-based NFT platform goes live on March 21st. In connection with the launch, Artely is releasing an exclusive Swedish NFT collection consisting of 30 works from ten established Swedish artists. The collection goes by the name The Bridge and symbolizes the bridge between the traditional and the new world. It will be released for sale on March 21 but can already be seen at  

– This is a unique opportunity to acquire the selected artists’ absolutely first NFTs ever, which is also one of the very first NFT works of art on the Swedish art market, Alexander Antonov concludes.
All collections that will be released on Artely will be by the artists they represent. Artely is a so-called invitation only platform, but you as an artist can apply to be represented.