Swedish online entrepreneur buys NFTs from Artely

Swedish online entrepreneur Markus Jalmerot is investing heavily and buying four works from Artely and Sweden’s first NFT collection of Swedish established artists.

Markus Jalmerot has founded several successful online companies and is also active in the crypto world, where his latest venture is Crypto Lists, a news site about cryptocurrencies. Read about why he chose to buy several works at once, how the choice of these four went and his thoughts and plans with this investment.

– It is a historical NFT collection, the first in Sweden of established artists on Ethereum’s blockchain, which I consider to be much more valuable both in the short and long term than many other types of non-fungible tokens. Therefore, I acquired four works by three different artists, says Markus Jalmerot about his purchase.

The Bridge collection is Artely’s and the participating artists ‘first, which makes it a unique opportunity to acquire these artists’ first ever NFTs, which also are one of the very first NFT works of art on the Swedish art market.

– Of course, I do not want to miss the first serious NFT collection in Sweden of high-quality artists. A large part of much less sophisticated NFTs on OpenSea quickly become valuable, but here you have the opportunity to own a part of Swedish art history.

While digital objects and digital art have an obvious and given place in the metaverse of the future, some have thought about what one can have for the use of their NFTs in the physical world. Markus Jalmerot sees several advantages of owning his art collection digitally and talks about what opportunities already exist today.

– It is not every day that art changes medium from paintings to digital works, which can be moved and transferred in a few seconds. I also like that you can have your NFTs everywhere and, for example, have them on a smart TV as a background image – without having to move the artwork, you can have it in several different rooms or cities, apartments or houses, at the same time. So wherever you are, in a hotel in another country, visiting friends or in a work meeting, you can show and share your art collection.

Of the four NFT works that Markus is now the proud owner of, there are two that he has become a bit more attached to.

“We were just passing through” by Helga Holmén
Helga Holmén has chosen a slightly provocative name for an exciting digital painting. When we talk about Sweden’s first NFT collection, however, I strongly doubt that NFTs are something short-lived that in time will just disappear. This is the new way to save assets digitally, whether it’s art, other collectibles, virtual avatars, memberships, play to earn games or Covid-19 vaccination sessions made in San Marino. Purchase of NFT artwork is immediate, so you do not have to wait for delivery.

“First Level Of Intentionality” by Erik Sigerud
Erik’s First Level Of Intentionality is something that feels more relevant than ever. Normally I only want to own positive works of art, but with Erik’s “First Level of Intentionality” I could not resist the offer. It is so colorful, yet dark in its message. I share Erik’s frustration that so many are dying in Europe, combined with increased concern about xenophobia. This purchase is a way to show my support for Erik’s work.

The original work is very large (3 meters wide) and is difficult to fit on the wall. But like NFT, you can browse between several different works of art on a smart TV, with the new NFT apps. Then it is possible to scale back in another way, which is great. At the same time, it feels advantageous for a work of art where the physical original work costs SEK 80,000, but where the only published NFT of the same painting only costs 0.5 ETH (approx. SEK 16,000 at the time of writing).

About the NFT collection – The Bridge
Ten artists, commonly known as traditional painters, are now stepping into the future by transforming some of their strongest works into NFTs and sending them out to virtual reality.

The Bridge symbolizes the bridge between the traditional and the new world, a flirtation that is transformed into an eternal relationship. The Bridge is the collection that brings the two worlds closer together, meets curiosity, opens up new thoughts and welcomes the future. The collection is available on the Ethereum blockchain. See the entire collection here: The Bridge