This is how Artely leads the changes in the art market

The online-based gallery Artely is now launching Artely Market, a new concept that will operate under Artely’s brand, but where you buy art directly from the artist. Artely, which presents and sells art on the first-hand market, celebrated its 4th anniversary the other day and has undergone several different transformations since its inception, all to […]

Interview with the founders of Artely – about experiencing art online

Pontus Silfverstolpe, one of the founders of Barneby’s and former CEO of Lilla Bukoswkis, interviews Markets founders about their thoughts on the experience and buying art online. A conversation about the ability to quickly adapt in a digital and ever-changing world and how they work to create the best art experience. But also about how […]

2019 Bring It On

We bring interesting art to you, wherever you are, wherever you go, whenever you want, you will find us close to you, on your terms, we bring art to your home. Stop searching, discover Artely. Happy New Year dear followers, friends, customers, artists and partners. May 2019 give us all what we need most. Founders […]

Artely went from zero to one million in ten months

It has been almost a year since the launch of Artely. writes about our journey so far. – We have managed to fill the need that has existed among art enthusiasts to be able to botanize among original art in peace and quiet at home on the couch and not have to go to […]

Art on the way

When you buy art from Artely, you can be sure that your artwork is transported in a safe and professional way directly to your door. Our transport partner ArtMove has many years of experience in art transport and transports art worldwide. In addition, you can also opt for services such as hanging and lighting. All […]

Artely used eye tracking to create the best site in the art industry!

Can you combine stylish design and at the same time have a layout that meets other important conditions that are not linked to the look? We at Artely wanted to find out and therefore used eye tracking during the construction of our website. – For us, it was of the highest priority to think about […]