Swedish online entrepreneur buys NFTs from Artely

Swedish online entrepreneur Markus Jalmerot is investing heavily and buying four works from Artely and Sweden’s first NFT collection of Swedish established artists. Markus Jalmerot has founded several successful online companies and is also active in the crypto world, where his latest venture is Crypto Lists, a news site about cryptocurrencies. Read about why he […]

NFTs for over SEK 100,000 sold after just one week!

NFTs for over SEK 100,000 sold after just one week! An incredible start to Artely’s first NFT collection and an important confirmation and trust from the market. The Swedish NFT market is in general still very small, and even less so for art specifically. Therefore, we are completely overwhelmed by the fact that a quarter […]

The first Swedish NFT platform is live!

The Swedish art platform Artely has for a long time filled many art buyers’ need to be able to buy Swedish art online, and have it delivered directly to their door. Next in line in the company’s investments is to launch the first NFT platform for artists in Sweden and present curated NFT collections with […]

Artely launches NFT platform for Swedish artists

Artely launches the first Swedish NFT platform for artists – and thus enables both artists and collectors to sell and buy NFT art in a curated environment with works that maintain a high artistic level. The launch will take place with an exclusive collection consisting of works by 10 established artists. This is a unique […]

Book studio visits directly via Artely

New feature – book a visit to the artist’s studio directly via Artely. You book your studio visit here: https://artely.art/ateljebesok/ A perfect opportunity to get to know the artist better, get a unique insight into the artistic work and experience the works of art up close in the environment in which they are created. We […]

Artely writes Swedish art history

Artely writes Swedish art history when the Swedish Arts Council for the first time ever buys works from a gallery that is entirely online-based.It took us 4.5 years to get here – but here we are.What no one thought would or could happen, happened. And we are the ones who made it happen.A major step […]

Artely.se in this year’s first issue of Konstnären

In this year’s first issue of the magazine Konstnären, Artely is in an article about the digital gallery. Read about why we believe in original art online and how Artely wants to make it possible for artists and galleries to meet the modern art buyer. Read the whole article in Konstnären here: http://www.kro.se/sites/default/files/konstnaren_1_2017_low_spread.pdf